Have clarity in your accounting!

Have clarity in your accounting!

Klaar.me provides a transparent and collaborative accounting service for companies looking for a trusted, dedicated and flexible financial partner.

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A trusted, dedicated and flexible financial partner for your company.

About us

We believe that the successful accounting service of the 21st century is efficient, automated, transparent and based on collaboration.

Our goal is not just to be a regular service provider, but a trusted and dedicated financial partner for all our customers. The bigger mission of Klaar.me is even more than that. We want to show our customers the benefits of efficient and automated accounting processes and how to apply them smoothly.

To aim for the stars, the sky must be clear.

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To shoot for the stars, the sky must be clear.

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Priit Kruus – Dermtest OÜ

Klaar.me is extremely professional and always very positive in its communication. We always get help and answers to our questions from our customer manager. They have also helped us with complex projects as well as with international tax issues.


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Ivar Lindström – Pesupanda OÜ

Klaar.me has created a clear and comprehensible overview of the performance of our various departments in a transparent and systemic manner. A good accountant is like an invisible force, and the working methods developed in Klaar.me proactively control financial processes.


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Taavi Madiberk – Skeleton Technologies OÜ

Operational management is based on high-quality financial statements, which in turn requires efficient accounting processes. Klaar.me mapped out our company’s processes and made suggestions for their improvement. The involvement of an external service provider provided a good basis for better co-operation between business units and made it easier to implement changes.


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Priit Uuemaa – Corle OÜ

The exchange of information and transmission of documents with Klaar.me takes place electronically. The mapping and framework of accounting activities by Klaar.me creates a well-functioning work rhythm. The result is time savings for everyone, which translates into cost savings for the company.


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Heli Valtna – LightCode Photonics OÜ

Klaar.me is financial partner who stands out with its efficient work organization. The digital workflow helps us to keep the accounts in order, and on this we can build financial prognosis together with Klaar.me specialists, which will allow us to grow as a company.


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Rein Remmel – Entigo OÜ

Since starting our cooperation with Klaar.me, the company’s past accounting records have been streamlined, day-to-day processes have been coordinated and management has strong control over the company’s financial results and current financial position. The company’s financial activities are monitored by a professional team.


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Karl Kuusk – Seisuk Furniture OÜ

Our cooperation with Klaar.me has been just wonderful. From the very first assignment to the current daily communication, the company’s approach has been very professional and clear. A personal approach and a dedicated accountant make everyday life easy.


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Madis Uuemaa – Smart Load Solutions OÜ

We have been using Klaar.me services for many years and we are very satisfied – they work well and deliver promptly. Klaar.me is very suitable for active growth companies that are constantly on the move, because support is available at any time and in all matters.


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Eigo Siimu – Woolish OÜ

Klaar.me is the perfect solution for our company. In our long-term cooperation, the service has integrated into and become embedded in our daily business. Accurate reporting and impeccable accounting records allow us to focus on so-called more important things.