Could be right for your business? offers an innovative accounting service for a company that is looking for a trusted, dedicated and flexible financial partner. Our service is 100% paperless and in addition, as our customer, you will receive daily support and assistance from a professional and dedicated team, tailored specifically to your needs and wishes. The processes that we develop in your accounting program enable you to get a clear overview of your company‘s finances and focus on what’s most important – managing the company. We will manage your company’s finances with great joy and sense of responsibility.

Becoming a customer is easy and smooth

We know that your time is valuable. So all you have to do is give us your contact information and we will take care of everything else and we will do it very quickly. We will contact you, be proactive and map out the information needed for the price offer. We ask the necessary questions and make sure that you do not have too much work. has created a clear and comprehensible overview of the performance of our various departments in a transparent and systemic manner. A good accountant is like an invisible force, and the working methods developed in proactively control financial processes.

Ivar Lindström
Pesupanda OÜ, Member of the Management Board

We map out your company’s needs

To do this, we first agree on and establish rules! We do this with every new customer, but with a focus on the company’s business area and not on general templates. We want to have the company’s business model and development plans reflected in all the figures and create the necessary links. This means that at this stage, we ask a lot of questions that can help us map all the necessary accounting processes for your company. Once the picture image is clear, it will be easy to do the work!

We implement updates

We apply the newly developed accounting processes to everyday working life, allocate responsibilities and start working right away. We want to be efficient in everything that we do and ensure that all systems run smoothly. We know that this is the only way how everyone can perform. That is why our preparation phase is very comprehensive and takes account the interests of all stakeholders. For us problems are not obstacles, but challenges. We involve our customers as much as necessary and as little as possible – after all, as long as everyone has a clear focus, everything works fine.

Our cooperation with has been just wonderful. From the very first assignment to the current daily communication, the company’s approach has been very professional and clear. A personal approach and a dedicated accountant make everyday life easy.

Karl Kuusk
Seisuk Furniture OÜ, Member of the Management Board

Working together

Once all systems are set up and running, we will start working very efficiently and without overlapping. We focus on work, not working hours. We make sure on a daily basis that your accounting systems are working smoothly and that all activities are transparent and understandable. To do this, we create monthly reports that give you an aggregate overview of the company’s finances. In this way, you, as a customer, are always involved in work processes and everyone has a clear picture of the current situation. We know that this is the only way you can focus on running and growing your business – where your main focus should be.