Management of Toggl was impressed by the capacity and smooth cooperation with team

Toggl is an international group of enterprises that offers three different business software mainly in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. Group companies offer time tracking, work planning and recruitment solutions that help customers to increase the transparency and productivity of working time, streamline and enhance work planning and increase recruitment quality. Toggl entrusted its accounting to in April 2021. Below, Kristian Sool, COO of the Toggl Group, offers his comments on their cooperation with

How did Toggl find

We had been thinking about changes for some time. The problem was that most of financial information was accumulated at the hands of one person and it was not clear whether we were exposed to financial risks. Fortunately, our co-founder Ahti Aho had positive experience with using services and so we decided to give a new financial team a chance. We are also very happy with that decision today since in addition to an increased sense of security we saved around 30% a month.

What was the migration to the system like?

We started by mapping the activities and identified the steps necessary for ensuring smooth and seamless migration of the accounting system. We had to reorganize internal communication, but since it was managed by the capable team of, the whole migration was very professional and almost invisible. It did not disrupt our daily business and new processes were quickly deployed.

Did Toggl have to change any internal processes?

We started with the analysis and upgrading of the existing accounting process. We changed manuals and requirements for submitting invoices and expense documents to ensure that processes were automated and as efficient as possible. Holiday pay accounting reports were also changed and adjusted to meet accounting requirements according to input, etc.

What were the first results of cooperation?

The migration went very smoothly, placed no burden on the management’s daily work and the transition of financial issues was really fast. New work processes helped employees to significantly save time and one could see the motivation of the whole team growing. This is a great achievement for the company!

For instance, the transition of the auditing process took only one day. revised the balances and amounts of the companies’ financial accounts, made the necessary adjustments and prepared a consolidated report for the auditor. The whole process was extremely swift since itself made the necessary changes and corrections, and the auditors neither raised any issues nor made any proposals for corrections.

How has the replacement of in-house accountants with service providers changed your daily work?

For the management, there have actually been no changes in their daily work. We have designated an in-house employee who collects the information for and coordinates the whole process. And it is clear that the involvement of has increased the competence of our financial team and made the whole process faster and more efficient.

What are the main advantages of the service?

Sense of security! The team offers different competences so we can always get assistance from experts and solve all problems.

In addition, everything has become notably more efficient. The speed and accuracy of financial reporting has improved significantly. Earlier, reports were completed in the second half of the month, but now they are available already at the start of the month.

And, last but not least, the people! We were very impressed by the professionalism of their team. Experiences are created by people, and Imbi and Birgit who are in charge of our financial issues provider only the highest quality service. We feel as if they are part of our team.